Interview - Tim Roth



Due to issues with the podcast itself that we did not anticipate, 'The Rafferty-Mills Connection' cannot bring it's first episode to you this week. These problems will be solved in time for next week where we will present to you the very first episode of the newest and best podcast featuring all the best banter, interviews etc.

But we didn't want to dissapoint. So.. we've decided to upload the very awesome interview with none other than... Tim Roth! This is an interview you do NOT want to miss - the man who played Mr Orange himself takes time to discuss his new series 'Lie to Me' (currently airing on FOX). However, we managed to get Tim to discuss his former projects and the films that made him famous.. and what kinda show would we be without asking about the experiences of one of his best roles, Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs!

Find out his experiences of working with Tupac Shakur before his death, his experience of Lawrence Tierney's madness and playing the gangster Dutch Schultz in Hoodlum. From Skellig to Chris Penn right down to working with Quentin Tarantino, Tim Roth spoke about this and more in this excellent, in-depth interview. We also find out his thoughts on the Christian Bale situation - what does he think about the whole situation? Listen to a very unique outlook on the whole thing. It's a great listen and it's our pleasure for this interview to be the very first upload.

Credit goes to Martyn Licchelli for the amazing graphic.

Listen Now:

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