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Yet again, 'The Rafferty/Mills Connection' delivers with this simply fantastic interview with the superb voice-actor of 'Batman: The Animated Series' himself, Kevin Conroy (voicing Batman/Bruce Wayne amongst other characters).

Fans of the show hail him as one of the best actors to "don the cape" and Nick agreed, interviewing Kevin in nearly 45 minutes of gold as he gracefully took time out of his schedule to talk about the show amongst other topics.

Kevin Conroy has played Batman and Bruce Wayne longer than anyone (including Adam West, Christian Bale & Michael Keaton amongst others) and has all the stories and experiences to talk about. From his stories about studying at Juilliard and being in the same class as Kelsey Grammer and Robin Williams to working with Donald Sutherland in a play, Kevin has so much experience even before working on Batman.

But, of coarse, he tells us everything about the great animated series... and more. How did he get the role? Did his performance change over the years? Was there a challenge of switching from live-acting to voice-acting? Kevin also tells of the benefits of working for Warner Bros regarding voice-acting. All this and more as we find out his experiences of working with Mark Hamill (who plays The Joker on the show), Ron Perlman and Adam West (who featured as a special guest as "The Grey Ghost"). Other topics of discussion include his favourite episode, working on 'Justice League' and voicing the video game 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' (due to be released later this year).

If you're a 'Batman: Animated Series' fan, this interview is compulsory listening.

And there are all sorts of great moments in this interview as we finally find out those questions we were dying to know for so long (but were never asked) - how did it feel to sing as Batman? (for an episode), thoughts on Christian Bale' low-growly voice portraying Batman in 'The Dark Knight' and his thoughts on the state of animation these days. Kevin also tells a hilarious story about volunteering after 9/11 and someone recognising his voice from the series. This is such a terrific tale that it's worth the mention here.

With that said, thank you for continuing to tune in and support the podcast and enjoy this interview.

Yet again, thanks to Martyn Licchelli for the great banner.

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