Episode 6 - Size Does Matter. (Interview w/ Ron Jeremy)



Episode 6 finally arrives - and in tribute to the 2-hours of entertainment this week (to make up for the lack of episode last week) and including our very special interview, we've titled this episode: 'Size Does Matter'.

This week, we feature a new segment titled 'Stories This Week' which looks at the breaking stories that everybody's talking about. Danny and Nick dicuss the Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao fight and the calls of retirement, the swine-flu epidemic which is sweeping the globe and the publicised 'Pirate Bay' trial which looks at the controversy surrounding the trial and whether file-sharing is as serious of a problem as the large music and entertainment companies make it out to be.

We also look at 'TV Shows You Love, But We Hate' where Danny and Nick look at television shows that are heavily-publicised and rated by millions of fans - but are they necessarily the best? They don't think so and, as a result, name and shame the shows that some would call 'over-rated'. You think your show is safe? Think again. Sex & The City, Skins, Eastenders, Friends and many more are targeted in a segment of pure hatred with the co-hosts even disagreeing on shows they've chosen. Don't worry, we won't spoil the rest of this segment but it's definately recommended listening.

And, as advertised in the last episode, we've listened to the feedback and decided to include the 'Making of.. Danny Rafferty vs The Easter Bunny'. Coming off from the trailer of the independent low-budget movie about Danny's quest to hunt down and kill 'The Easter Bunny', a new staff-member came onto the podcast to interview Danny about the show (after the Billy Bob Thornton-inspired fiasco with Nick). However, this part of the show takes a brutal turn as the beloved childrens icon stormed (or "hopped") into the studio and ended up in an argument - are you listening yet?

But our main event is the great interview with 'The Hedgehog' himself, Ron Jeremy. Well known for his high-profile pornographic career and having started in the late 1970's after posing for Playgirl, Ron Jeremy is synonymous with the adult entertainment industry and is a considered a legend in the industry. So we decided to give him a call - and Ron agreed to be interviewed, giving us nearly 40-minutes of an interview which discusses everything and anything Nick threw at him.

Ron discusses the new straight-to-DVD film he's currently starring in, 'One Eyed Monster' which is currently available in the United States and will be available in the UK shortly. Along with the film, Ron Jeremy talks about his work debating with 'XXX Porn Debate' which raises issues regarding the industry, working with controversial pornstar John Holmes, his thoughts on the piracy of professional pornography and whether it's easy to cross into mainstream from adult entertainment.

We also find out the answers to those questions you always wanted to know: Why do autofellatio? Who's slept with more women, Ron or Gene Simmons (KISS)? What made him enter pornography? Apart of 'The Rafferty/Mills Connection's mission to interview well-sought personalities who contribute excellence to the modern world, it's our pleasure to add Ron Jeremy to the list of interviews.

Remember.. size does matter. This episode (and interview) proves it.

Credit (as always) goes to Martyn Licchelli for the sweet banner.

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