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Both co-hosts of 'The Rafferty/Mills Connection' are huge fans of hit television show 'The Shield' and have the pleasure of introducing this next interview.

Having starred as 'Detective Shane Vendrell' since the first season of the show until the very final episode, Walton Goggins took the time out of his very busy schedule to speak to Nick regarding his career and the final season of 'The Shield' which is now about to be released via DVD. If you want a reason to buy the final season or just want to know more information about the cult television show, listen to this interview. Walton discusses how he began acting, working with veteran acting legends like Billy Bob Thornton (including his thoughts on the recent controversy regarding Billy Bob Thornton's appearence on a Canadian radio station) and Robert DuVall and talks about whether he received career advice off them.

But, of coarse, 'The Shield' is first and foremost top priority having just finished several months ago after seven seasons of amazing entertainment. Walton Goggins discusses how he landed the role and discusses several factors of the show including his method of playing his character and why he approaches it with this unique approach. Also, he discusses working with some of the high profile guest stars like Glenn Close, Anthony Anderson and Forest Whitaker. Walton definately speaks intelligently on this subject and you, as a listener, definately learn a thing or two about the benefit of these kind of actors working on the show.

But with Shane Vendrell having been involved in so many controversial but exciting storylines (including the ending), Walton talks about his feelings on his relationship with Kenny Johnson (aka Curtis Lemansky on 'The Shield') and how he felt when told his character would be involved in one of the most shocking ends to a 'Shield' season which involved the death of a Strike Team member. This led to a discussion on the aftermath and big showdown with Vic Mackey. Walton explains how he interpreted the scene and explains the difference between Vic and Shane. The intelligent answers and excellent discussion between Nick and Walton regarding the show definately makes for an exciting interview.

All this and more is explained in this 25 minute interview episode including: Michael Chiklis directing, Frank Darabont coming in to direct an episode, how he felt about the show' ultimate end. 'The Rafferty/Mills Connection' yet again with another great guest.  We'd like to thank Walton Goggins again for this fantastic interview and hope you listeners will enjoy it as much as Nick did doing it.

*NOTE*: The following interview contains major spoilers from Season 7 of 'The Shield' and is recommend you watch the prior seasons before listening to this interview.

Much thanks, once again, to Martyn Licchelli for providing yet another sweet graphic.

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